ALBENT face mask scrub for sale and price in Ethiopia

Price : 600.00 ETB

  • Posted: 1 month ago


The clay contains over 50 minerals with almost every mineral found on earth. Benefits of albentb clay -Removes toxic impurities, dead skin cells, grease, bacteria, and oil from the skin and into the clay at the same time the nourishing minerals from the clay are transformed into your skin. -Helps to keep the skin more flexible and supple. -Supports the production and release of collagen to the body. It removes pore-clogging impurities minimizes the appearance of pores absorbs oil reduces shine ከ 50 በላይ ማዕድናት ይዟል. የአልቤንትብ ጥቅሞች መርዛማ ቆሻሻዎችን፣ የሞቱ የቆዳ ሴሎችን፣ ቅባቶችን፣ ባክቴሪያዎችን እና ዘይትን ከቆዳ እና ወደ ሸክላ ውስጥ ያስወግዳል፣ በተመሳሳይ ጊዜ ከሸክላ የሚገኘው ገንቢ ማዕድናት ወደ ቆዳዎ ይለወጣሉ። - ቆዳን የበለጠ ተለዋዋጭ እና ለስላሳ እንዲሆን ይረዳል። - ኮላጅንን ወደ ሰውነት ማምረት እና መለቀቅን ይደግፋል፡ ቀዳዳውን የሚዘጋውን ቆሻሻ ያስወግዳል የቆዳ ቀዳዳዎች ገጽታ ይቀንሳል, ዘይት ይቀባል - ክብደት 20ዐ ግ