Park view for sale & price in Ethiopia

Price : 16,830,000.00 ETB


LOCATION :Friend ship park /ፍል ዉሃ/ 2B +G +15 APARTMENT FOR SELL. 4 sided friend ship park      view Live in your dream location. Under construction post tension technology 3 to 5 slab per month የምስራች ወዳጅነት  ፓርክ የሚገኘው አፓርታማችን ለሽያጭ ተለቀቀ። በአጭር ጊዜ ውስጥ ትርፋማ የሚሆኑበት ቦታ። ቢኖሩበት እይታዎ ወዳጅነት ፓርክ፡ቢያከራዩት በማይታመን የውጭ ምንዛሬ ዋጋ፡ ለመሸጥ ቢያስቡ አንድ ቀን ሳያድር በብዙ ትርፍ። በውስጥዎ ያለዉን ህልም እዉን አድርገን እናስረክብዎታለን።   SERVICES PACKAGE       Elevator      Generator      Garbage shooter     Emergency Exit     Security Camera             Common terrace     Under ground water     Water tanker     Parking Three house holds per floor Delivery time  24 month Size options     153sqm 2 bed room     213 sqm 3 bed room    219 sqm  3 bed room Price    130,000 thousand per care /  fully finished /     110,000 thousand per care / semi finished Down payment ;15%

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