whey Protein for sale and price in Ethiopia

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  • Posted: 3 months ago


1. Whey is an excellent source of high quality protein 2. Whey protein promotes muscle growth 3. Whey protein may help treat type 2 DM 4. Whey protein may lower blood pressure ⁠5. Whey protein may help reduce inflammation 6. Whey protein may be beneficial for inflammatory bowel disease 7. Whey protein may enhance the body’s antioxidant defenses 8. Whey protein may have beneficial effects on blood fats ⁠9. Whey protein is highly satiating (filling), which may help reduce hunger ⁠10. Whey protein can help you lose weight Increased consumption of protein is a well-known weight loss strategy Eating more protein may promote fat loss by: suppressing appetite, leading to reduced calorie intake boosting metabolism, helping you burn more calories helping to maintain muscle mass when losing weight. Selling price 13500