5g s-color ultra with keyboard&mouse 11 extra luxury gifts tablet for sale & price in Ethiopia

Price : 13,500.00 ETB


14000 birr(fast free delivery) brand new with guarantee card(warranty for 1 year) እስክሪን መጠን 10.1 ኢንች hd screen model: s-color GT-30 ultra android 13 storage: 512 gb storage 16gb ram quad core processor(በጣም ፈጣን ፐሮሰሰር) wifi support(fast internet) support extra memory(256gb) dual sim support(2 ሲም ሚወሰድ) sterio speaker(ጠራት ያለው ድምፅ) original(ከዘመነ ዘመነ ኣበሮ ሚሻገር) double bonded screen(ድረብ ስከሪን) blue light filter(የኣየን ጨረር መከላከያ ያለው) 6000 mAh የባትሪ ሀይል(48 hours) 4 camera ሁለት ሲምካርድ የሚቀበል, 3g/4g/5G LTE ኔትወርክ የሚሰራ hd display ● flash disk supported ● usb converter available ● wi-fi,bluetooth,camera,radio & free gifts power bank mouse 1 free wireless keyboard usb converter(otg) 3d glass charger stylus pen(tablet pen) screen protector wireless earphone(airpod) front & back cover watch holder(ማሰደገፊያ) 🧨ለትምህርት,ለስራ,ለጌም,ለመዘናኝ እንዲሁም እንደ ስልክ ሚገለገሉበት 14000 birr w