STAINLESS TANKER Water Dispensers & Filters in Ethiopia

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Price : 9,500.00 ETB Fixed


ጥራት ያላቸውን ታንከሮች ይዘንልዎ መጥተናል ። ለትምህርት ቤት፣ለሆስፒታል ፣ለፋብሪካዎች፣ለአፖርታማና ለቤትዎ Stainless Steel Tanker በተለያየ መጠን እና ቅርፅ ከ50ዐሊትር‐500,00ዐ ሊትር አለልዎ አልጌ የማይሰሩ ተደራራቢ 3 Layer መኖሩ ውሃው በፀሀይ እንዳይሞቅ ይረዳዋል፣ ቦታ መቀየር ቢፈልጉ በቀላሉ በ Fork Lift ሊያነሱት የሚችሉት እቃ ከፕላስቲኩ ታንከር በብዙ ነገር ተመራጭ ነው አሁኑኑ ይደውሉ በነፃ ትራንስፖርት ቤትዎ ድረስ እናደርሳለን Advantages Light in weight, beautiful in appearance, convenient for transportation and easy to install. No rust, can guarantee the quality and safety of drinking water Completely using seamless welding, stamping, high strength, impact resistance, both beautiful and completely leak-free. Non-toxic, for both cold water and soft water Long service life, the minimum life: 10 years Customers can expand the capacity of the tanker by easily adding another stainless tanker on it.

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