Warless Bluetooth keyboard for sale & price in Ethiopia

Price : 999.00 ETB Fixed


🔹Wirless bluetoooth keyboard 🔹በ999 ብር ብቻ ይደውሉ ባሉበት በነፃ እናደርሳለን 📲0953426890 🔹ለላፕቶፕ ኮምፒውተር ፤ለታብሌት፤ለስልክ እና ለቴሌቪዥን የሚሆን በብሉቱዝ የሚሰራ ኪቦርድ 🔹የስራ ቦታዎን ቀላል እና ምቹ ያድርጉ 🔹 Ultra-Slim,Light & Portable: This lightweight Bluetooth keyboard is designed for anyone who needs a portable capable keyboard for work or play and especially suitable for business travel. 🔹Use with all four major operating systems supporting Bluetooth (iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows).

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