kids car in Ethiopia

Price : 1,399.00 ETB Fixed

  • Posted: 3 months ago


🔹ለልጆች የሚሆን የራሱ ሪሞት, ፒዳል ያለው በቻርጅ የሚሰራ መኪና 🔹በ1799 ብር ብቻ ይደውሉ ባሉበት በነፃ እናደርሳለን 📲0953426890 🔹ሪሞቱን በመጠቀም መኪናው 360° እንደልብ ማንቀሳቀስ ይቻላል 🔹በአሪፍ ዲዛይን እና በጥሩ ማቲሪያል የተሰራ 🎁ለልጆች ልዩ ስጦታ 🎁 🔹double side body, run like rolling, rotate quickly & body and wheels able to turn 360° 🔹The car has the feature of fine turning, light, stop 🔹Full function remote control which can forward, backward, right and left 🔹Amazing looks is a special attraction of this beautiful looking model car

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