Wireless Door/Window Entry Alarm for sale & price in Ethiopia

Price : 800.00 ETB Fixed

  • Posted: 1 month ago
  • Condition : New


❇️ Wireless Door/Window Entry Alarm 💯ደህንነትዎን አስተማማኝ ያድርጉ ‼️ 👉የቤትዎ፣ የቢሮዎና የሱቅዎ ደህንነት አሳስቦታል? እንግዲያውስ Wireless Door & Window Entry Alarm በመጠቀም እራስዎንና ንብረትዎን ይጠብቁ 💞 በባትሪ የሚሰራ 💞 በአንድ ባትሪ ለረጅም ጊዜ የሚያገለግል 💞 በርና መስኮት ላይ በመገጠም ሲከፈት ከፍተኛ ድምፅ የሚያሰማ 💞 በቀላል ወጪ 24 ሰአት ቤቶዎን፣ የንግድ ድርጅቶን ከሌባ ይጠብቁ 👉Secure every window, door, or cabinet in a matter of seconds! 🍀 Save Money 🍀 Protect Yourself 🍀 New and high quality 🍀 Super loud 90 dB alarm 🍀 Battery Powered (batteries included) 🍀 Easily mounted by adhesive tape 🚕free delivery 💦 ዋጋ፦ 800 ብር ስልክ: 📱0926967883 ⏺Join Our Telegram Channel https://t.me/Ethio_online_markett

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