Air-1 Mini Earpod for sale & price in Ethiopia

Price : 1,499.00 ETB


❇️ Original Air-1 Mini Earpod 💥Free Cover 💯 Original ☑️ Original Air-1 Mini Earpod ✔️100% Original size/Quality ✔️ የድምፅ ጥራቱ አስገራሚ ✔️ ANDROID & IOS ላይ የሚሰራ ✳️ Product Information: 💥Brand Haino Teko Germany 🚩GPS For IOS 🚩Auto Power ON/OFF 🚩No Light Version 🚩Touch Sensor 🚩Free Switch Left & Right side 🚩Change Name 🚩3-4 hrs Earphone Music/Calling 🚩9-12 hrs Music/Calling with Charging Box 🚩3 Times Charging Box,Charge Earbuds 🚩Color- White 💦 ዋጋ፦ ✅ 1499ብር

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