d-link router for sale & price in Ethiopia

Price : 5,499.00 ETB

  • Posted: 4 days ago


🥳 25% ልዩ ቅናሽ በ 5,499 ብር ብቻ 🙌 🔴 ዘመናዊ Dlink ተንቀሳቃሽ ዋይ - ፋይ ራውተር 🔴Portable Dlink Wi-Fi for travel 4G LTE ፈጣን ኔትዎርክ ኮኔክሽን 🔴አስተማማኝ ባትሪ 8 ሰአት የመቆየት አቅም ያለው ባትሪ 🔴እስከ 300 ሜጋ ባይት ኘር ሰከንድ DOWNLOAD የሚያረግ 🔴በአንድ ጊዜ 32 ሰው ማስጠቀም የሚችል 🔴4G LTE Dlink Router Easily share a 4G connection with upto 32 wireless devices like tablets, laptops, and mobile phones at the same time Upto 300 pMbps downlink Provides high speed connection More than 10 hours 🔴በብዛት አስገብተናል ብዛት ለምትወስዱ ቅናሽ እናረጋለን ⚡️Contact Us ☎️ 0909127509 tg

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