Heaven art for sale and price in Ethiopia

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  • Posted: 1 month ago


Namoota hojjechifachu fettan hundaaf kara toraa telegiraamii join godhaa✨Photo String Art✨ 📌ማንኛውንም አይነት ፎቶ ወይም ምስል ባማረ ሁኔታ በክር/string/ በመረጡት size እንሰራለን፣ ✅ለሰርግ፣🤵‍♂👰‍♀ ✅ለልደት፣🎂 ✅ለክርስትና፣ ✅ለምርቃት፣🎓 ለማሰራት ያናግሩን📩: @kasa1w @none Call us☎️: +251922953946 +251921229001 📌Join our telegram channal: 👉👉👉@👈👈👈 we got you String art in different designs for any range of age. And for any program's Like Graduation Birthday Wedding Any other program's Place your orders Company logo Company name ...... Place your orders #Heaven gift & String ART and other arts

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