R.vihan smart scale in Ethiopia

Price : 1,999.00 ETB Fixed

  • Posted: 2 months ago


🔰R.vihan Smart Scale 📍ክብደትንና ሌሎች እንደ ስብ መጠን, ጡንቻ, BMI የመሳሰሉትን በራሱ መተግበሪያ የሚዘረዝር 📍በ ብሉቱዝ አማካኝነት ከስልክጋ የሚገናኝ 📍እስከ 180kg ድረስ መመዘን የሚያስችል 🔹Bluetooth smart scale 🔹measures weight, BMI, Fat, water, muscle, bone mass and more 🔹Has its own health and fitness app 🔹LCD digital display 🔹Compatible with android/ios 🔹Auto off in 10 second 🔹Maximum weight 180Kg Price: 1,999birr Inbox📥 Telegram @noragebeya1 Call📞0991576711

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