Z8 Kids Smart Watch for sale & price in Ethiopia

Price : 1,999.00 ETB Fixed

  • Posted: 14 hours ago
  • Condition : New


🧒Z8 ️Kids Smart Watch⌚ 🔹️️No more worries about your kids 🔹️️Easy to use & HD colorful touch screen 🔹️️Support SIM card (talk to your kids any time) Camera, Flashlight, Alarm & more 🔹️️Allows to transfer music and photos using bluetooth 🔹️️Real time location 🔹️️For both boys & girls 🔹️️Color: blue & pink 🔹️️ሲም ካርድ የሚወስድ (ልጆን በፈለጉት ሰዓት ያግኙ) 🔹️️ካሜራ, ማብራት, አላርም ሌሎች ጥቅሞች ያሉት 🔹️️ልጆ የት አንዳለ የሚያሳውቅ ትራከር ያለው 🔹️️ለወንድም ለሴትም የሚሆን Price: 1,999birr Inbox📥 Telegram @noragebeya1 Call: 0991576711

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