Smart Watch for sale & price in Ethiopia

Price : 2,500.00 ETB

  • Posted: 1 week ago
  • Brand : W26
  • Condition : New


🌟2021 Model Model: W26+ Smart watch ⚡️የልብ ምትን ይለካል ⚡️ምን ያህል ካሎሪ እንዳቃጠልን ⚡️የደም ግፊትን ይለካል ⚡️ስፖርት ስንሰራ ይቆጥርልናል ⚡️ስልካችን ሲጠፋ ለመፈለጊያ ያግዘናል ⚡️ከስልክ ጋ በ Bluetooth ተገናኝቶ ስልክ መደወል እንዲሁም ማናገር ይቻላል ✔️Size: 44mm ✔️ Battery: 380mAh ✔️ Built-in: Mic+Speakers ✔️ Full Touch Screen, 1.75" Display ⚡️Bluetooth Calling ⚡️Notifications ⚡️Music & Camera Remote Control ⚡️Heart Rate Tracker ⚡️Monitor Blood Pressure ⚡️Magnetic pin charger ⚡️Charging time upto 2 to 3 hrs CONTACT US            +25******* For variety of items Our Telegram Channel Join

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