Africa Union(Bulgaria) for sale & price in Ethiopia

Price : 2,400,000.00 ETB Fixed


Our apartment is located around the Africa Union (Bulgaria).G+16 building with two and three bedrooms. Three houses on a floor Facilities Underground water supply -2 standby generator(solar and fuel) - standard reception(intercom system) -cctv camera 24/7 - A beautiful green area on terrace Fire alarm system(smoke detector) Gym, Spa, Shops, and Beauty salon are gone to find ground -4 basement for car park  - Garbage shooter Two bedroom 101.11 m²       Total Price = 10,102,743.45 birr      Down Pay(20%) = 2,020,548.69 birr N.B only one apartment left in the building Two bedroom 117.87 m²      Total Price = 11,998,616.84 birr      Down Pay(20%) = 2,399,723.36 birr Three bedrooms 162.47 m²      Total Price = 16,538,689.05 birr      Down Pay(20%) = 3,307,737.81 birr    ለመኖርያም ሆነ ለኢንቨስትመንት እጅግ ተመራጭ ቦታ!!!  this price is only for 2 ቤቶች ብቻ     ️ Price per square meter =1877$       Down Payment = 20%       payment plan based on construction       call us

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