kids tablet for sale & price in Ethiopia

Price : 7,000.00 ETB Fixed

  • Posted: 4 months ago
  • Brand : ESSENTIAL
  • Condition : New
  • RAM : 3GB
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi and Sim (Cellular)
  • Internal Memory : 32GB


kids tab(  የልጆች መማሬያ ታበሌት) ኣሁኑኑ የዘዙን ያሉበት እንልካለን Call:-+25******* 7 inch 32 gb be 3 gb ram Blue light filter(የኣየን ጨረር መከላከያ የተጫነለት) Hd screen(ጠራት ያለው ምስል ሚያሳይ) Wifi(ፈጣን ለኢንተረኔት) Support memory(ተጨማሪ ሚምሪ ሚወሰድ) Double bonded screen(ድርብ ስክሩን እንዳየሰበር) Double bonded cover(ደረብ ከቨረ ያለው) Original Brand new(ኣዲስ) Smart android tabet Support all aplications(ሁሉንም app ሚቀበል Learning app(የመማሪያ መተገበሪዎች) Package contents - Android Tablet, British standard charger, Micro 5Pin USB cable, Touch pen, Headset without microphone, Small flashlight, Sand painting, Stickers, Ruler, Cartoon pencil case. Pencil Sharpener, Manual, Silicone Case. price 7,000 br   Call:-091******* / 093*******  text @israelchala Join @trutruekawoch

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