four layer clothing dryer for sale & price in Ethiopia

Price : 3,899.00 ETB

  • Posted: 3 months ago
  • Condition : New


4 layer cloth rack ባለ 4 ደረጃ የልብስ ማስጫ ቦታ የማይዝ የሚተጣጠፍ ከቦታ ወደ ቦታ በቀላሉ ማንቀሳቀስ የሚችሉት  ለማንኛውም ቤት አመቺ  የሆነ Type: Laundry Racks Material: Stainless steel compound tube with powder coating and engineering plastic Fashionable and convenient Stable and durable Four Layer Multi-Purpose Rack Foldable for easy storage Perfect for outdoor or indoor drying Easy assembly         3900 ብር ብቻ          ካሉበት እንልክልዎታለን 093*******

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