water proof car cover in Ethiopia

Price : 4,300.00 ETB

  • Posted: 2 months ago


ŷąbü ¥ě đãňįēł : 100%waters proof ከፀሀይ ከአቧራ ከዝናብ በሚገባ የሚከላከል ምርጥ እና ተመራጭ ዕቃ ለማንኛውም መኪና ስላለን ደውለው ይዘዙን ያሉበት ድረስ በነፃ እናመጣለን። ዋጋ 4300 ️090******* Amharic Translation Bot: 100% water proof From the sun From dust The best and preferred item that protects well from rain In any case, we have a car so call us and we will deliver to your location for free. Price 4300 ️090*******

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