Jambo Real Estate Bole for sale & price in Ethiopia

Price : 17,400,000.00 ETB Slightly Negotiable


ጃምቦ ሪልስቴት - ቦሌ መድሀንያለም ጊብሰን ት/ቤት ጀርባ -20% ቅድመ-ክፍያ -2፣3 እና 4 መኝታ ቤቶች -በማስታወቅያ ዋጋ ለ1 ሳምንት Jambo Real Estate - Found behind Bole medhaniyalem around Gibson school -only 20% down-payment -2,3 and 4 bedroom penthouse -on promotional price for 1 week contact 093*******/093*******

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