Director, Innovation and Creativity Management Division Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

Posted On: Jul 06, 2022

Deadline Date: Jul 30, 2022

The Deadline for this job has already passed!


Job Description

Ashewa Technology Solution S.C/ATS S.C/Own and Operates The Platfom's major Mission is to HELP SMEs/SMALL BUSINESS and to make Shopping EASY, affordable, and reliable by Connecting Customers directly With Manufacturers Without the use Of unnecessary middlemen

ASHEWA.COM Facilitaies D2C/DIRECT-To-CUSTOMERS Transactions With a wide range Of domestic and international buyers and Suppliers as Well as their Various Products and Categories. It is an END-TO-END marketplace that enables the Shipment and delivery Of Packages from Sellers to Consumers and a Payment Service that Speeds Up Transactions between Parties.

By generating Value through entrepreneurship and innovation, Contributes to Society.It is Customer-Focused, and the Program is For those who want to live a more easygoing and happier life while Simultaneously Contributing to their Communities by Conducting business wherever and Wherever they desire. It aspires  to be the most significant trading Platform in the World, Serving millions of buyers and Sellers. 

We are hiring experienced individual WHO HAVE Strong track record,

ADABTABLE TO CHANGE AND RESULT ORAINTED and TEAM PLAYER. If you're dedicated and ambitious, ATS S.C is an excellence place to grow your career

Job Requirements


Educations----/MSc/Software Engineer 

Direct Experiences ------13-20

How to Apply

The Deadline for this job has already passed!

Additional Requirement

Candidates With experience in Marketing agency, e-commerce, e-Payment and technology related background are more Preferred.

Candidates must have Leadership, Teamwork, Commitment, result Oriented, Analytical Skills, Dependability and a Strong Work Ethic, Maturity and a Professional Attitude, Adaptability and Flexibility, Good Personality, Related Work Experience, Initiative and Motivation, Creativity and Intelligence Skills 


- Attractive Salary With Bonuses, While the bonuses Will be Entirely Dependent on the Performance Of Your ability.

-Inclusive Of Other Additional incentives

-Permanent after Satisfactory Completion Of a Probationary Period Of 6 Months

-Work Place: A.A

-Application Deadline July 30/2022

-WEBSITE: https://vacancy.

-EMALE: [email protected] Or [email protected]

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