Sewing Machine Dressing Table for sale & price in Ethiopia

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Price : 1,950.00 ETB Fixed


➡️ SM-202A Mini Sewing Machine ➡️ለቤት ውስጥ አገልግሎት የሚውል አነስተኛ የልብስ ስፌት ማሽን (ሲንጀር) ✨የራሱ ጠረንጼዛ/Table ያለው መሆኑ ተመራጭ ያደርገዋል ✨ Latest New Design Model ✨ በኤሌትሪክ ኃይል የሚሰራ ✨ LED አምፖል የተገጠመለት ✨ በቀላሉ ከቦታ ቦታ ተንቀሳቃሽ የሆነ ✨ የራሱ 4 እንዝርት ያለዉ ✨ 1 መርገጫ ያለው ➡️SM-202A Mini Sewing Machine with Double Threads ✨Includes AC/DC Adaptor ✨ Comes pre Threaded & Ready to use ✨ Foot Pedal For Easy Control ✨ Two Speed Operation ✨ Built in light ➡️Accessories: • 4× Bobbins •1×Needle •1×AC/DC Adaptor •1×Foot Pedal •1×Threader ✅ ከሌላው ልዩ የሚያረገን deliver ስናደርግላቹ ሙሉ አጠቃቀሙን እና ሂደቱን የምናሳያችሁ ይሆናል። ✨With free delivery 

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  • Posted: 2 weeks ago
  • Condition : New
  • Source : Imported

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