2006 Executive Corolla car for sale & price in Ethiopia

Price : 1,500,000.00 ETB


አስቸኳይ ሽያጭ///URGENT SALE Brand Toyota Model 2006 Executive Corolla Transmission Automatic Very good Condition Original left steering & original paint Perfect Engine Little defect at the front body that is repaired(ትንሽ ከፊት ያለው አንደኛው ቻንሲ ተሰርቷል) Commission 2% Fixed Price (ምንም ድርድር የለውም) ማንኛውም የሚሸጥ ቤት፣ቦታ፣መኪና ካለዎት በtelegram channel OR 0912022084 ላይ ይላኩልን በታማኝነትና በፍጥነት እንሸጥልዎታለን።

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