94ካሬ መሠረት ያለው ሀይሌ ጋርመንት 94m² land Haile garment & price in Ethiopia

Price : 7,400,000.00 ETB Negotiable

  • Posted: 3 months ago


የሚሸጥ ቦታ መሠረት የወጣለት ቦታ: ሀይሌ ጋርመንት ስፋት: 94 ካሬ ፅድት ያለ ኮምፓውንድ ውስጥ የሚገኝ ዋጋ: 7.4 ሚሊዮን ድርድር አለው ኮምሽን: 2% ስልክ: 0954881205 Land for sell with foundation Location: Haile garment Area: 94m² Located inside a beautiful compound Price: 7.4 million Negotiable Commission: 2% Contact: 0954881205

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