Cidea tablet with keyboard and free gifts for sale & price in Ethiopia

Price : 13,500.00 ETB Fixed

  • Posted: 2 months ago
  • Brand : CIDEA
  • Condition : New
  • RAM : 6GB
  • Connectivity : Sim (Cellular)
  • Internal Memory : 256GB


5g c idea tab with keyboard & extra gifts(1 year guarantee card)



💧C idea Tablet cm7000+latest

🎈brand new with guarantee card(warranty for 1 year)

🎈እስክሪን መጠን 10 ኢንች hd screen

🎈model: c ideatab cm7000+

🎈android 10(12 updateable)

🎈storage: 256 gb storage

🎈6gb ram

🎈quad core processor(በጣም ፈጣን ፐሮሰሰር)

🎈wifi support(fast internet)

🎈support extra memory(256gb)

🎈can be used like laptops

🎈dual sim support(2 ሲም ሚወሰድ)

🎈sterio speaker(ጠራት ያለው ድምፅ)

🎈original(ከዘመነ ዘመነ ኣበሮ ሚሻገር)

🎈double bonded screen(ድረብ ስከሪን)

🎈blue light filter(የኣየን ጨረር መከላከያ ያለው)

🎈HD screen(HD videos)

🎈smart tablet

🎈latest(ዘመናዊ ታበሌት)



🧨Ms excel

🧨Power point

🧨Support all games & apps

Pubg,social medias, tiktok, instagram all are supported

🔋6000 mAh የባትሪ ሀይል(48 hours)

📷 5 camera 

👉🏿ሁለት ሲምካርድ የሚቀበል, 3g/4g/5G LTE ኔትወርክ የሚሰራ

🔥hd display 

● flash disk supported

● usb converter available


🎁 free gifts


💝1 free wireless keyboard

💝 usb converter(otg)

💝ring holder

💝 stylus pen(tablet pen)

💝 screen protector 

💝 wireless earphone(airpod)

💝front & back cover

💝Digital watch

🧨ለትምህርት,ለስራ,ለጌም,ለመዘናኝ እንዲሁም እንደ ስልክ ሚገለገሉበት

🏍 ባሉበት ቦታ ያለምንም ክፍያ እናደረሳለን ይደውሉ


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