Genima 42.5kva Generator in Ethiopia

Price : 950,000.00 ETB Slightly Negotiable

  • Posted: 1 day ago


Water cooled engine. It uses oil as fuel and is manufactured in accordance with regulations ISO 3046.

The engine includes:
• Speed control system
• Complete lubrication system
• Complete cooling system
• Electrical start system which includes electric starter (starter), 12 V batteries
• Complete fuel supply system integrated in the engine.

The generator is modern, self-excited, self-adjusting, without brushes and is math international regulations, it is equipped with AVR.

Electrical panel equipped as follows:
• circuit breaker • electronic control unit • Automatic Transfer Switch
• Fuel tank • High efficiency exhaust muffler suitable for residential areas Soundproof Canopy

If chosen -• Battery 12V dosed type. • Anti-vibration supports • Lubricating oil • Fungicide in the fuel tank (bio-diesel) • Antifreeze • Non-return oil valve. • Electronic battery charger 12 / 24V conservation charge • Fuel level indicator. • Water preheating


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