Nikura Cooker 2Gas burner & 2Electric burner for sale & price in Ethiopia

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Price : 16,500.00 ETB


 Nikura Cooker 2Gas burner & 2Electric burner
Japan Technology 

50×50 gas cooking range
2 Gas burner(2cylinder )
2 ELECTRIC burner(2Hot plate)
Electric oven
Enamel lid and body
Stainless steel top
Single glass front door

50x50 ጋዝ ማብሰያ መጠን
2 የጋዝ(ሲሊንደር) ማብሰያ 
2 የኤሌክትሪክ (ሆት ፕሌት) ማብሰያ 
የኤሌክትሪክ ኦቭን 
በኢናሜል ያማሩ አካልና ሊድ
አናቱ በማይዝግ ብረት የተሰራ 
የመስታዉት ነጠላ የፊት በር Free Delivery Service

ሙሉ ዋስትና ጋር 


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  • Posted: 1 month ago
  • Brand : NIKURA