C Idea tablet with 9 extra luxury gift for sale & price in Ethiopia

Price : 9,500.00 ETB - Not Selected -


ልዮ ቅናሽ Full Package c idea tablet with 9 extra luxury gifts/call:-092*******/9,500 birr only (256gb+8ram) ሁሉ የተሙዋላ ሁሉ ሙሉ ያላቸው ስጦታ ሁሉ ይደርሶታልpower bankዋየርለስ ኤርፎንStylus PenwatchOTG መያዣ ቀለበትScreenprotectorecover and charger ኣዲስ C idea tablet 5G አለ call:-+25******* ይደውሉ ያሉበት ቦታ ይላካል 9,500 birr free delivery ብር ከ 9 ስጦታዎች ጋር እና ኪቦርድ/ FREE DELIVERY ይደውሉ ያሉበት ቦታ dual sim support(accept call like mobiles) original በጣም ኣሪፍ ኳሊቲ የሆነ እስክሪን መጠን 8 inch Hd screen model: c ideatab android 12 storage: 256Gb ram: 8Gb battery -8000mah የባትሪ ሀይል(2 ቀን ሚቆየ ቻረጅ) 3 camera 2 ሲምካርድ የሚቀበል, ,5g lte ኔትወርክ የሚሰራ ፈጣነ ኔተወረክ ሚሞሪ ሚቀበል hd display ጥርት ይለ ምስል የሚያሳይ flash disk supported(ፍላሽ ሚቀበል) usb converter available(otg) wi-fi,bluetooth,camera,radio & all apps applications(social medias & games are installed) android technology የሄን ሲገዙ Free gifts power bank free usb converter(otg) free ring holder free stylus pen screen protector watch charge free wireless earp

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