Airpod pro for sale & price in Ethiopia

Price : 1,800.00 ETB Fixed

  • Posted: 1 week ago
  • Brand : APPLE
  • Condition : New


🎧Air pods Pro🎧ገመድ አልባ የጆሮ ማዳመጫ ተሻሽሎ በታላቅ ቅናሽ ቀርቦልወታል!! ⭐️ እጅግ ጥራት ያለው ድምፅ ⭐️ አስገራሚ የባትሪ ቆይታ ⭐️ በጣም ቀላልና ለአያያዝ ምቹ ⭐️ በስልክወ ቻርጅ ሊያደርጉት የሚችሉት ⭐️ በውሃም ሆነ ላብ የማይበላሽ ⭐️ በቀላሉ ከስልክዎ ጋር በቀጥታ የሚገናኝ ⭐️ ብሉቱዝ 5.0 የሚጠቀምና ተሻሽሎ የቀረበ                                                          ⭐️Air pods pro Wireless charging case ⭐️ Connectivity- Bluetooth ⭐️ sweat and water resistant ⭐️ Amazing sound quality ⭐️ Easy setup for all your Apple         device. ⭐️ more than 24 hours of battery life ⭐️active noise cancelation ⭐️ "Hey siri" support CONTACT US            ☎️+251986017076 For variety of items 🛒 Our Telegram Channel Join

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