Increased fuel prices to be applied starting from May 08, 2022

Posted On: May 07, 2022

Fuel prices have been adjusted showing an increase of almost 5 birr for Benzine and 6.50 birr for diesel. Starting from May 08, 2022 (Miazia 30, 2014 E.C), fuel prices will be as follows

  • Benzine - 36.87 birr per liter
  • Kerosene - 35.43 birr per liter
  • Diesel - 35.43 birr per liter
  • Aeroplane Fuel - 78.87 birr per liter

Previously, benzine prices was set at 31.74 birr and diesel at 28.98 birr four months ago. The government has reported that it was losing 10 billion birr per month due to the previous prices. 

According to the official government statement, if the government stops subsidizing fuel, benzine prices would soar to 73 birr per liter while diesel prices would increase to 66.78 birr per liter.

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